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High-impact international peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary scientific journals:


Carson, J. F., Whitney, B. S., Mayle, F.E., Iriarte, J., Prumers, H., Soto, D., Watling., J. 2014. Environmental impact of the geometric earthwork construction in pre-Columbian Amazonia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 111:10497-10502 [Open access]

Iriarte, J., M. J. Power, S. Rostain, F. E. Mayle, H. Jones, J. Watling, B. S. Whitney and D. B. McKey. 2012. Fire-free land use in pre-1492 Amazonian savannas. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 109: 6473-6478. [Open access]


Iriarte, J., I. Holst, O. Marozzi, C. Listopad, E. Alonso, A. Rinderknecht and J. Montaña. 2004. Evidence for cultivar adoption and emerging complexity during the mid-Holocene in the La Plata basin. Nature 432:614-617. [Abstract]


Grobman, A., D. Bonavia, T. D. Dillehay, D. R. Piperno, J. Iriarte and I. Holst. 2012. Preceramic maize from Paredones and Huaca Prieta, Peru. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 109:1755-1759. [Abstract]


McKey, D., S. Rostain, J. Iriarte, B. Glaser, J. J. Birk, I. Holst and D. Renard. 2010. Pre-Columbian agricultural landscapes, ecosystem engineers, and self-organized patchiness in Amazonia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 107:7823. [Open access]


Piperno, D. R., A. J. Ranere, I. Holst, J. Iriarte and R. Dickau. 2009. Starch grain and phytolith evidence for early ninth millennium BP maize from the Central Balsas River Valley, Mexico. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 106:5019. [Abstract]


Ranere, A. J., D. R. Piperno, I. Holst, R. Dickau and J. Iriarte. 2009. The cultural and chronological context of early Holocene maize and squash domestication in the Central Balsas River Valley, Mexico. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 106:5014-5018. [Abstract]


Piperno, D., J. Moreno, J. Iriarte, I. Holst, M. Lachniet, J. Jones, A. Ranere and R. Castanzo. 2007. Late pleistocene and holocene environmental history of the iguala valley, central balsas watershed of Mexico. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 104:11874-11881. [Abstract]

Leading international peer-reviewed journals:


Iriarte, J., Moehlecke Copé, S., Fradley, M., Lockhart, J., Gillam, C. J. 2013. Sacred landscapes of the southern Brazilian highlands: Understanding southern proto-Jê mound and enclosure complexes. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 32: 74-96. [Abstract]

Iriarte, J. and R. Dickau. 2012. As culturas do milho? Arqueobotânica de las sociedades hidráulicas das terras baixas sul-americanas. Amazônica 4:30-58. [Open Access]

Iriarte, J., B. Glaser, J. Watling, A. Wainwright, J. J. Birk, D. Renard, S. Rostain and D. McKey. 2010. Late Holocene Neotropical agricultural landscapes: phytolith and stable carbon isotope analysis of raised fields from French Guianan coastal savannahs. Journal of Archaeological Science 37:2984-2994. [Abstract]


Iriarte, J. 2009. Narrowing the Gap: Exploring the Diversity of Early Food-Production Economies in the Americas. Current Anthropology 50:677-680. [Abstract]

Iriarte, J. and E. A. Paz. 2009. Phytolith analysis of selected native plants and modern soils from southeastern Uruguay and its implications for paleoenvironmental and archeological reconstruction. Quaternary International 193:99-123. [Abstract]


Iriarte, J., J. C. Gillam and O. Marozzi. 2008. Monumental burials and memorial feasting: an example from the southern Brazilian highlands. Antiquity 82:947-961. [Abstract]


Iriarte, J. and H. Behling. 2007. The expansion of Araucaria forest in the southern Brazilian highlands during the last 4000 years and its implications for the development of the Taquara/Itararé Tradition. Environmental Archaeology 12:115-127. [Abstract]


Iriarte, J. 2006. Landscape transformation, mounded villages and adopted cultigens: the rise of early Formative communities in south-eastern Uruguay. World Archaeology 38:644-663. [Abstract]


Iriarte, J. 2006. Vegetation and climate change since 14,810 C-14 yr BP in southeastern Uruguay and implications for the rise of early Formative societies. Quaternary Research 65:20-32. [Abstract]



Other important publications as co-author:


Carson, J. F., Watling, J., Mayle, F.E., McLauchan, K. and Iriarte, J. 2015. Pre-Columbian land use in the

ring-ditch region of the Bolivian Amazon. The Holocene. [Abstract]

Maezumi, S. Y., Power, M. J., Mayle, F. E., McLauchlan, K., Iriarte, J. 2015. The effects of past climate

variability on fire and vegetation in the cerrado savanna ecosystem of the Huanchaca Mesetta, Noel Kempff

Mercado National Park, NE Bolivia.Climate of the Past, 11: 835-853 . [Abstract]

Corteletti, R., Dickau, R., DeBlasis, P. and Iriarte, J. 2015. Revisiting the economy and mobility of southern

proto-Je (Taquara-Itarare) groups in the southern Brazilian highlands: starch grains and phytolith analysis

from the Bonin site, Urubici, Brazil.Journal of Archaeological Science 58: 46-61. [Abstract]

Whitney, B., Dickau, R., Mayle, F. E., Soto, D. and Iriarte, J. 2014. Pre-Columbian raised-field agriculture and land use in the Bolivian Amazon. The Holocene 24: 231-241[Abstract]

Mayle, F.E. and Iriarte, J. 2014. Integrated palaeoecology and archaeology: a powerful approach for understanding pre-Columbian Amazonia. Journal of Archaeological Science 51: 54-64. [Abstract] 

Whitney, B., Dickau, R., Mayle, F. E., Soto, D. and Iriarte, J. 2013. Landscape impact and agriculture in the Monumental Mound Region of the Llanos de Moxos, lowland Bolivia. Quaternary Research 80:207-217. [Abstract]


Watling, J. and  Iriarte, J. 2013. Phytoliths from the coastal savannas of French Guiana. Quaternary International 287:162-180. [Abstract]



Dickau, R., Whitney, B. S., Iriarte, J., Mayle, F. E., Soto, D., Metcalfe, P., Street-Perrot, F. A., Loader, N. J., Ficken, K. J. and Killeen, T. 2013. Differentiation of Neotropical ccosystems by modern soil phytolith assemblages and its implications for palaeoenvironmental and archaeological reconstructions.  Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 193: 15-37. [Abstract]


Dickau, R., M. C. Bruno, J. Iriarte, H. Prümers, C. Jaimes Betancourt, I. Holst and F. E. Mayle. 2012. Diversity of cultivars and other plant resources used at habitation sites in the Llanos de Mojos, Beni, Bolivia: evidence from macrobotanical remains, starch grains, and phytoliths. Journal of Archaeological Science 39:357-370. [Abstract]


Whitney, B. S., E. A. C. Rushton, J. F. Carson, J. Iriarte and F. E. Mayle. 2012.An improved methodology for the recovery of Zea mays and other large crop pollen, with implications for environmental archaeology in the Neotropics. The Holocene 22:1087-1096. [Abstract]

Renard, D., J. J. Birk, B. Glaser, J. Iriarte, G. Grisard, J. Karl and D. McKey. 2012. Origin of mound-field landscapes: a multi-proxy approach combining contemporary vegetation, carbon stable isotopes and phytoliths. Plant and Soil 351: 1-17. [Abstract]


Gessert, S., J. Iriarte, R. C. Ríos and H. Behling. 2011. Late Holocene vegetation and environmental dynamics of the Araucaria forest region in Misiones Province, NE Argentina. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 166:29-37. [Abstract]

Renard, D., J. Iriarte, J. J. Birk, S. Rostain, B. Glaser and D. McKey. 2011. Ecological engineers ahead of their time: The functioning of pre-Columbian raised-field agriculture and its potential contributions to sustainability today. Ecological engineering 45: 30-44. [Abstract]




Denhan, T., J. Iriarte, and L. Vrydaghs, L (editor and contributor). 2007. Rethinking Agriculture: Archaeological and Ethnoarchaeological Perspectives. Left Coast Press. California. [Excerpt]


Book chapters:

J. Iriarte. 2013. Down under in the marshes: Investigating settlement patterns of the Early Formative mound-building cultures of south-eastern Uruguay through historic aerial photography. In: William Hanson and Iona Oltean, eds,  Archaeology from Historical Aerial and Satellite Archives, pp. 243-259. Springer. [Synopsis and contents]

Östen, D., C. J. Gillam, D. Anderson, J. Iriarte and  S. Copé. 2011. Linguistic Diversity Zones and Cartographic Modeling: GIS as a Method for Understanding the Prehistory of Lowland South America In: Ethnicity in Ancient Amazonia: Reconstructing Past Identities from Archaeology, Linguistics, and Ethnohistory. In: Alf Hornborg and Jonathan D. Hill, (Eds), pp. 211-224. University of Colorado Press, Boulder Colorado. [Excerpt]

Iriarte, J. 2007. New perspectives on early plant domestication and the development of agriculture in the New World.  In: Rethinking Agriculture: Archaeological and Ethnoarchaeological Perspectives, edited by Tim Denham, José Iriarte, and Luc Vyrdaghs, pp. 165-186.  Left Coast Press. California.

 Iriarte, J. 2007. Emerging food-production systems in the La Plata Basin: Los Ajos Site.  In: Rethinking Agriculture: Archaeological and Ethnoarchaeological Perspectives, edited by Tim Denham, José Iriarte, and Luc Vyrdaghs, pp. 254-270. Left Coast Press. California.









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