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I'm  happy to supervise postgraduate research students working in the following areas: phytolith analysis, human environmental interactions, plant domestication and the early dispersal of agriculture, landscape archaeology and Formative cultures of the Americas.


These are the courses that I generally teach at Exeter:

NEW MODULE: Sustainability and Collapse in Past Societies ARC2113 / ARC3123

South American Prehistory  ARC2115-3115 

Palaeobotany   ARC2512-3512

Archaeological Fieldschool ARC20004

Human Environmental Interactions ARCM401

Research Methods and Archaeological Theory ARCM100


Postgraduate students:

Jennifer Watling 'Environmental impact of the pre-Columbian geoglyph builders of western Amazonia'. AHRC PhD studenship, Fox Fund-College of Humanities, University of Exeter (started 2011).

Jonas Gregorio de Souza 'Caminhos para o poder nas terras altas do sul: diversidade arquitectonica, funcao e mudanza nos centros ceremonias Taquara/Itarare' (preliminary title - started 2013). CAPES PhD studentship.

Lautaro Hilbert 'Amazonian Dark Earth Agroecosystems do Amazonas Central' (preliminary title started 2013). CAPES PhD studentship.

Daiana Travassos 'Santarem Culture Amazonian Dark Earth Agroecosystems of the Lower Tapajos' (preliminary title). CAPES PhD studentship.

Rafael Corteletti 'Upper Canoas Archaeological Project: A Study of the Jê presence on the Santa Catarina Plateau' (Projeto Arqueológico Alto Canoas: um estudo da presença Jê no planalto catarinense) CNPq PhD Studentship, MAE-USP (São Paulo, Brazil), University of Exeter (started 2010).

Ciprian Ardelean 'Spatial, Chronological and Cultural Frames Concerning the Archaeology of Hunters-Gatherers during the Early Lithic Stage: A Reassessment of the Pleistocene Human Occupation on Central-Northern Mexico' (started 2009).

Priscilla Ulgim Ferreira 'The Analysis of cremated remains from the southern Brazilian highlands: A study of sites RS-PE-21, RS-PE-29 and SC-AG-108? MA in Archaeology', Wenner-Gren Foundation/College of Humanities, University of Exeter.

Phillip Riris 'Predictive modelling in Misiones Province, Argentina using GIS: a case study of the Taquara/Itararé tradition' (MA in Archaeology).


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