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Instructions from the PhytCore team on how to access the Database:

'Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to visit the new updated PhytCore (Phytolith Online Database): This new update is the result of the continuing work since 2011, when PhytCore was presented during the 8th International Meeting on Phytolith (Estes Park, Colorado).

To access the catalog you first will need to register to the platform. Once registered you can access the catalog through Phytolith DB.

PhytCore includes phytolith images collected from three different sources:

- Modern reference plant material from specific study areas.

- Modern soils collected from the same areas as modern plants or from areas that were previously described in terms of vegetation.

- Archaeological material.

The catalog not only provides digital images of phytoliths but also related information such as provenience of the sample, date of collection, in the case of modern soil assemblages, description of the vegetation from where the samples were collected, etc.

In this new version you will see the following updates:

- GEPEG new phytoliths images and related information from:

• Modern plant reference samples from Israel:
  Avena sterilis
  Hordeum glaucum
  Cynodon dactylon

• Paleosoils samples:

  Pondoland (South Africa)

• Archaeological samples:
  Pinnacle Point 13B (South Africa)
  Tel Dor AI32E, AJ32N, Area D2 and Area G (Israel)

• Creation of a new interactive window that is associated with each phytolith image, where anyone can address a comment or suggestion to improve the catalog.

• Addition of a new Database from the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. University of Washington, created by Dr. Caroline Stromberg and Regan Dunn. To access this new database, please select in the research window: the UWBM catalogue. Note that it is also possible to perform multi-search functions of phytoliths through both catalogues.

- Although You can still access PhytCore through, please note that the whole webpage will be moved to the platform

We would like to remind you that PhytCore welcomes all researchers, Institutions or Research Groups to add their phytolith databases. If you need further information please contact: Agata Rodríguez (, Xavi Esteve ( or Rosa-Maria Albert (

We keep on working to improve the catalog and correcting possible mistakes. In this sense, we would like to thank all those colleagues who have helped us to improve the catalog with their comments.

Sincerely yours,

PhytCore team'

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