Archaeobotany PhD Studentship

European funded project Pre-Columbian Amazon-Scale Transformations

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Post-doctoral Research Assistant Job Post

AHRC-FAPESP project "Je Landscapes of Southern Brazil"

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Young Researcher Scopus Award

The prestigious award was given to a phytolith researcher working in the Amazon

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Drained-field maize agriculture in the Monumental Mound Region of the Llanos de Moxos did not significantly changed forest cover

New study reveals that at a regional level the forest -savanna mosaic of SE Moxos in Bolivia was not changed signicantly by the Pre-Columbian groups of the Late Holocene who practiced maize agriculture.

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Neotropical ecosystems can be tell apart by their phytoliths assemblages

Analysis of modern phytolith assemblages from ten distinctive tropical vegetation communities in eastern Bolivia show that they can be clearly differentiate

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Study shows diversity of cultivars in the southern Brazilian highlands

Starch grain analysis from cooking pots recovered from earth ovens reveals that maize, manioc and squash were consumed by the southern proto-Je that lived in the Urubici region

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Early maize of Peru is highlighted in BBC's 2012 Archaeology News

Ancient farmers of the Peruvian coast experimented with maize.

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800 Year Old Farmers Could Teach Us How To Protect the Amazon

In the face of mass deforestation of the Amazon, we could learn from its earliest inhabitants who managed their farmland sustainably.

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