Neotropical ecosystems can be tell apart by their phytoliths assemblages

Analysis of modern phytolith assemblages from ten distinctive tropical vegetation communities in eastern Bolivia show that they can be clearly differentiate

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Study shows diversity of cultivars in the southern Brazilian highlands

Starch grain analysis from cooking pots recovered from earth ovens reveals that maize, manioc and squash were consumed by the southern proto-Je that lived in the Urubici region

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Early maize of Peru is highlighted in BBC's 2012 Archaeology News

Ancient farmers of the Peruvian coast experimented with maize.

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800 Year Old Farmers Could Teach Us How To Protect the Amazon

In the face of mass deforestation of the Amazon, we could learn from its earliest inhabitants who managed their farmland sustainably.

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Amazon Was Not All Manufactured Landscape

What did the Amazon look like before European contact?

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The Human Factor: Origins of the Brazil nut in ancient Amazonia

Recent studies show that Brazil nut groves may have been managed, facilitated and probably spread throughout the Amazon by indigenous peoples since before European conquest.

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New interpretations of mound and enclosure complexes of the southern Brazilian highlands

The results of this investigation suggest that the banks of mound and enclosure complexes were built up over several generations of time, accompanied by a succession of ovens, where periodic feasts with steamed meat and maize beer took place after the burial of chiefs.

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Early Mound-Builders of Uruguay

A complex food-producing society emerged in Uruguay 4800-4200 years ago.

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